Osteopathy is a government-registered profession which specialises in natural and patient-centred health care that focuses on treatment of the physical structure and function of the body. Well known for its precise, gentle treatment of muscular and joint conditions such as back and neck pain, osteopathy may also have a significant effect on circulation, lymphatic drainage and the nervous system, and hence on a variety of conditions.

Osteopaths view the person as whole, and use hands-on treatment to aid the person’s function and help a person return to a state of balance. Osteopathy helps the body to express health, so that it may utilise its own self-healing mechanisms to combat disease. Osteopathy does not focus solely on alleviating symptoms, but seeks to find and treat the cause.

Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by Dr A.T. Still in the United States. Through his experiences as a medical doctor, Dr Still created a system of health care that recognises the relationship of all the different systems in the body.