As Osteopaths, we are skilled generalists and we treat and manage a broad range of health issues and pain complaints. Most people know Osteopaths as ‘back and neck doctors’. And indeed we successfully treat back and neck pain as part of everyday practice. However our Scope of practice is much broader and extensive than that.

Often when we meet people and they ask us what we do, they say “Osteopaths! That’s bones right?! But what do you actually do?”

What we do is help your body function in the best and most optimal way that it can. We use our very experienced and finely tuned palpation skills to determine what areas are restricted in the body and that need some help to release; we determine where the body is out of balance and how we may help the body’s own self -healing mechanisms to achieve health and pain relief for you, the patient.

At Balance Osteopathy, our patients enjoy our timely and dedicated approach to patient care. Our patients value not being rushed and having a generous amount of time and attention to help resolve their health challenges. Our patients enjoy a more gentle, focused and individualised approach to their pain and injuries. Our patients are satisfied by an assessment and treatment approach that is specific for them and that we alter according to their response. Patients enjoy a thorough and rigorous evaluation and individualised advice.

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We determine where the body is out of balance and how we may help the body’s own self -healing mechanisms to achieve health and pain relief.

Relaxation and Balance

The philosophy and approach of osteopathy is to work with the body, guiding it toward wellbeing, rather than using force.  Most people therefore find this treatment to be particularly comfortable and relaxing as well as very gentle. It’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during treatment, and a general feeling of ease and relaxation is often noted after a treatment.

Because Osteopathic treatment is usually relaxing, we assume this is mediated by the autonomic nervous system. Many health issues are caused or worsened by the stressors and demands of life on a physical, mental and emotional level. Stress can affect the physical body in various ways such as muscle tension and pain. During an Osteopathic treatment, as restrictions are gradually eased, there is often a return to a more relaxed state. People often notice after a treatment that they sleep more deeply and have an improved sense of wellbeing.

As Osteopaths diagnose and treat imbalances or restrictions in the body even before they cause symptoms, many people choose to have a regular maintenance treatment to prevent problems developing, much like you would service your car to keep it running smoothly!

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