Each patient’s needs are different. Some people require only 1 or 2 treatments and others more. As Osteopaths aim to treat as close to the cause of a problem as possible, many conditions only require 2-6 treatments.

If, for example, a joint restriction is found to be contributing to a problem, the joint will be freed, but attention will also be given to the cause of this restriction so that the joint does not require repeated adjustments over many weeks or months. This is one of the advantages of an Osteopath’s ability to treat the skeletal joints along with the surrounding muscles and fascia.

All treatment programs are very specific for the individual and depend on the patient’s current condition, past history, and other factors, and more complex conditions sometimes require a longer course of treatment. Generally the more complex and more chronic a problem the more treatments will be required. An Osteopath’s aim is always to bring the body to a state of optimum functioning as soon as possible, and to enable this the osteopath may suggest ergonomic changes, exercise or lifestyle adjustments that will help stabilise and improve wellbeing.